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Human Resource Management 2023 Motivation Essay

Assessment 1 Motivation Essay Graded Case Study You have recently joined a chain of 5 pharmacies in suburban Adelaide 2023

Assessment #1 – Motivation Essay (Graded)

Case Study 

You have recently joined a chain of 5 pharmacies in suburban Adelaide, run by an owner who delegates management, in each, to the pharmacist-in-charge. Your first work experience for the chain is running a small pharmacy with just you and 3 pharmacy assistants: Amy is in her early twenties, and has been at that pharmacy for 4 months. It is her fifth job, having worked as a sales assistant in boutique clothing stores, and behind the bar in pubs. She enjoys setting up displays for catalogue promotions, and chatting with customers on the shop floor, but seems bored with the routine of assisting with the dispensary of scripts and managing stock. Her knowledge of pharmacy products seems quite limited, as she often asks the other assistants. Since the stores are open 7 days a week there needs to be some flexibility regarding availability, but Amy always has reasons to not work on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You also note she tends to chew gum while at work, and keeps going outside to have a smoke. Her uniform seems to often be unironed. In the time you have been there you note that she seems to have become bored and that she does not seem motivated to do anything much anymore. Her greatest joys are answering private phone calls on her smart-phone and going on Facebook in any spare time. You wonder why she was employed by the owner in the first place, only to be told that she is related to the owner’s partner and he might have had “some pressure “ put on him to employ her. However, you believe that she definitely has some strengths.

Beth is a few years older than Amy, and has worked in that pharmacy for 6 months. She has worked in 3 of the other pharmacies in the chain over the last 4 years, but has moved to this one since her rental home is only a few streets away. She and her partner both work, saving to buy a house. Beth is much more conscientious than Amy, but has low self-esteem and therefore lets Amy manipulate her into doing tasks that Amy does not like doing. Her performance is dropping over the time you have been there, but you believe she is a valuable asset with product knowledge, her caring nature and her high need for affiliation.

Carly is younger than Amy, but is only part-time whereas the others are full-time. She is just working for the money currently, as she is contemplating whether to enrol at university in 2014, or whether to go travelling. Currently she is living with her parents. Of the three you gather that Carly is the smartest, since she is quick to learn anything to do with the pharmacy and is coming up with creative suggestions. She is annoyed with Amy’s behaviour and often will not talk to her if she can avoid it.


1.     Explain in terms of the Adams Equity model, including the equations, why Beth’s performance is dropping and how it could be used to motivate her.

2.     Use the Vroom expectancy model to outline a plan to motivate Amy.


Before you start 

·         Read through the theories and understand how to actually use them to motivate someone.

·         Plan your assignment in terms of structure.

·         Collect references such as books and/or journal articles.

·         Write out a rough draft.

Writing the essay 

·         Use Headings.

·         Type double-spaced.

·         Be clear in your explanations.

·         Make sure the literature is integrated.

·         Reference your material. If you do not, you will be penalised for plagiarism.

·         Use the Harvard style of referencing: author (year).

·         Include a reference list at the end.


·         Check grammar and spelling using computer’s spell-check

·         Have someone else read through it to make sure that it makes sense.

·         If you have referred to an Appendix make sure it is attached.

·         Check that your reference list is in alphabetical order of author.

·         Make sure you have included the “Plagiarism statement” and have signed it, if you have not plagiarised.

·         Keep a copy of the report.

General referencing information 

·         Initials of authors not used in body of essay when sourcing.

·         If only 2 authors, then “et al” not used.

·         Adams is spelt this way and his theory: Adams’ theory.

·         Do not abbreviate in a formal assignment. For example, say “is not” and not “isn’t”.

·         Be consistent in the reference list: author’s family name and initials.

·         Any table, graph or source listed in an Appendix should give the full reference details of the source as would appear in the reference list.

·         Any time you introduce a concept which is not “common knowledge” then you need to identify the source. If this is NOT done, it constitutes plagiarism.

Explanation of grade sheet criteria 

Clear explanations 
Does the student show that they can discuss applications of the theories and the situations clearly? 

Or are they vague or general, implying they do not have an adequate working knowledge of the theories? 

Application of theory 
Is the theory actually being applied to the situation or is there a tendency just to take chunks out of a textbook and then not actually apply the theory? Are aids used to help in explanation, such as exchange relationship diagrams if applying Adams or the equation if applying Vroom? Are examples relevant? 

Research / literature support 
How much is the literature and research used to support statements made? If a particular theory is being promoted, has any research been introduced which supports the student’s desire to use it in a particular situation? 

Realistic options 
Are the options suggested realistic–that is, are they practical from a real-world point of view? 

Number of references 
Are there fewer than three or many more; that is, is the essay ‘rich’ with relevant references? Has the Harvard system of referencing been used? 

Reference list 
Has the reference list been correctly used? Are only authors acknowledged in the body of the assignment listed in the reference list? Has the student gone beyond text books and lecture notes and used journals,  and other sources? 

Format – spelling/grammar/presentation 
Has the student checked spelling and grammar? 
Is the presentation well spread out with adequate, double-spacing and “easy-to-read” type? 


·         Do not spend much time actually explaining the theories—this is not required.

·         Give clear explanations. If appropriate, supplement with diagrams and formulae. These can be produced as appendices, but be sure to refer to them within the text of your assignment.

·         This is to be an individual assignment. You may, for example, discuss the case with others in the class, but you must produce an individual assignment which is your own work. Not to do so is plagiarism which attracts heavy penalties.

·         Include reference to research about the theories you have used, in terms of their applicability to situations as existing in the case study or real work place; that is, does research suggest they would actually work in this situation?

·         Keep a copy of your assignment.

·         It must be double-spaced for ease of reading and marking.

·         Evidence of plagiarism will cause a penalty of scoring zero.





·               Spend about 750 words for each of the 2 questions.

·               Word lengths of 1500 words mean + or – about 500 words. However, you would likely not have enough material covered in 1000 words. Assignments with over 2000 words would likely not have those words above 2000 marked. (Note: other staff may request you include a word count.) The reference list is not counted in the word count.

·               If you have a lot of information you can include it in the Appendix. This is looked at but not marked so do not put your most important points in it.

·               My preference for this assignment is to not spend space on an Introduction and Conclusion. Other markers would differ from me so for other courses check preferences.

·               It is probably easiest to just write an answer for each question rather than trying to combine them.

·               A recommendation is that the first paragraph for each question briefly introduces the theory. Since this is not your own work, even if you paraphrase it, you should check that you have acknowledged the source for each line. Most students who get cited for plagiarism do so in this section of the assignment. Do not spend too much space on this as the markers are looking for understanding of application of the theories. Copying large amounts from a text-books or the web do not show that the concepts are understood in application. Often the students scoring the lowest for this type of assignment in the past have included many pages copied from different sources but just a few lines in attempting to apply the theories, which is what we as markers are more interested in.

·               Note that referencing and acknowledgement of sources is an important part of university education. If you have queries after looking at the UniSA website on referencing, please ask your tutor.

·               Remember that to just pass in the first case, we will be looking to see if the theories are understood and applied correctly.

·               The first thing a marker looks at is the reference list. If you have only 3 references it implies the most you are aiming for is a P2 or P1. Also if it is not set out properly it implies lack of care. (Remember the concept of the “halo effect”.)However, many references also does not guarantee a higher grade  if the theories are not understood, but it does suggest that grades above a P1/ P2 are  being aimed at.

·               Try to not be too descriptive—attempt to be more analytical.

·               Avoid just repeating masses of the case study

General points

  • Check the reference list—are there 3 sources minimum. If fewer than 3 you cannot pass. Wikipedia and non academic sources do not count.
  • Is the reference list set out correctly?
  • Have you acknowledged a source of reference when you refer to a concept? If not, that is plagiarism.
  • If the English is so bad we cannot understand it, then we cannot mark it and it would not pass.
  • To get a grade above a P1 (65% OR ABOVE) it would need to ‘STAND OUT”. Usually, credit and above assignments are well-written, show a strong grasp of the concepts, can explain them well, and have gone beyond the minimum 3 references.





GENERAL MARKERS’ COMMENTS from previous SIMILAR assignments which you may find helpful:

  • For most there was potential to have scored at least a grade higher –even 2 grades higher-with a bit more care
  • There is a concern coming up to the exam that those who scored an F1 or F2 will have major problems coping with it since it is a closed book situation , and there is obviously difficulty in understanding the concepts when it is even done with an open book as it was for the assignment.
  • It seemed that quite a few were aiming for a bare pass, but there is always a danger if that is the highest score you are aiming for. I guess I am biased but I was hoping for a larger proportion aiming for an above average grade.




  • The number of references indicated level of research. The average for my assignments was 6, with a range from 3 to 12. (Note, however, that the number of references did not guarantee a pass since the markers were all looking for understanding of application of the theories and the ability to explain clearly as the  most important issue.)
  • The general setting out was quite good and enhanced by appendices in some cases
  • Some showed a high level of thought
  • Many good points were made in some sections
  • Was pleased with those few that I marked who did Q2 well in going thru the steps I outlined and clearly explained their reasons for each of the concepts.
  • Some have good, confident writing styles






  • Vague comments
  • Balance issues—too much on explaining the theories and little on application (this was the difficult part and worth more)
  • Too much just repeating the case study
  • Descriptive rather than analytical
  • Inconsistency in responses. Some did very good responses to one question but then let themselves down with responses to the other.
  • Sourcing—still  a few problems with this
  • Some have not thought about the setting out of the reference lists. I was quite disappointed in this particularly after I had emphasized the importance of this and the halo effect caused by markers starting with looking at the Reference list before marking the assignment.
  • In Q.1 problems understanding and applying the relevant other concept.
  • Q.2 (expectancy theory) was often not set out as I had suggested in the lectures. Many did not identify what the motivational force was for. Quite a few confused the concept of expectancy with effort. Remember that the theory is used to determine choice of behaviour amongst a range of options—the option with the highest MF is the one which will be pursued.
  • A few that failed seemed to have little idea of the concepts, and appeared not to have been to the lectures, tuts or even read the study guide.



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