Completed before 11:59 PM February 25th |

Completed before 11:59 PM February 25th  |


Major Assignment – Eyewitness Identification

Scenario: You are a defense attorney and an eyewitness to the crime in question has given testimony identifying your client as the culprit. Given what you know about effortful vs. automatic encoding, state-dependent and mood-congruent memory, interference, and the constructive nature of memory (including misinformation, imagination, and source amnesia effects), how would you challenge the validity and reliability of that eyewitness testimony? What arguments would you use to confront the witness in your cross-examination?

Step 1:. Read ONE of the following four research articles and summarize the article’s predictions (hypotheses), methods, and findings.

Step 2: Answer the questions in the Scenario above. Use the research article you’ve chosen, as well as material from the rest of this lesson, to support your conclusions.

Research Article #1: Misinformation Effect

Research Article #2: Flashbulb memories

Research Article #3: How accurate are our memories of 9/11?

Research Article #4: Eyewitness identification

Your brief summary and evaluation of the reliability of eyewitness testimony (integrating the above-mentioned issues) should be 2-3 pages (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font). See the “More About the Eyewitness Identification Assignment” page and the “Eyewitness Identification APA Checklist” for more resources and information. Submit your write-up in the “Major Assignment – Eyewitness Identification” Assignment Tool.

Be sure to check the course Calendar for due dates.


complete two humanitied powerpoint presentrions atc hurst |

complete two humanitied powerpoint presentrions atc hurst  |

  • Choose a sculpture from this module. Identify the author, the historical time period and its significance and give brief overview of the work. Discuss the design of the sculpture and how it originated. Include a picture of your choice. You can write a one-page paper or develop 8-10 PowerPoint slides with the information.


The Nile and Egyptian Religion


Pre-Dynastic Egypt and The Old Kingdom



Nepotism in the workplace Discussion |

Nepotism in the workplace Discussion  |


Research papers should include the following:

The topic: NEPOTISM

•Choose a problem or condition that concerns you about your choice of career field or industry (for example, safety on a job, unfair treatment of people, etc.). I chose NEPOTISM in the workplace as my topic/problem or condition

The problem:

•What is the specific condition or problem that exists in this industry?

•Who is affected by this condition / problem? How are they affected?

•Pick at least one contributing factor that you think accounts for this condition / problem



•Pick 5 sources minimum

–journal articles, encyclopedias, books on your topic, periodicals,and popular magazines. The sources you use should be

of a sociological nature. No Wikipedia or internet sources! You may use the internet as a vehicle to access articles through online libraries and magazine articles online, but (no blogs, .com, .orgs, or .edu sources)

•Pick sources that agree and disagree with your perspective.

Your argument:

•Justify your perspective as well as share opposing viewpoints.Conclusion and recommendations:

•Draw conclusions from your sources.

•What are some specific actions or remedies to alleviate this condition / problem?

Research Paper requirements:

Use APA style format

3-5 pages in length

Double spaced

Times New Roman

Font size 12

1 inch margins (top and bottom) and 1.25 inch margins (left and right)


Global Economic and Political Issues Discussion |

Global Economic and Political Issues Discussion  |


400-600 words

The importance of trade continues to be a debated topic because the gains are not always quantifiable by those involved. Some would argue that due to a significant difference in wages and regulations, free trade is not always fair trade and that free trade agreements are used by companies to simply chase lower wages and fewer regulations. In the United States, this has been an ongoing debate in regard to both the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the normalized trade relationship with China. Take some time to read the following articles before beginning your post:

Based on what you have read, please address the following questions:

  • Which do you feel is a better approach, free or fair trade, and why?
  • Given the concept of comparative advantage, should we even be discussing free versus fair trade?


Drezner, D. W. (2006). U.S. trade strategy free versus fair. Council on Foreign Relations. Retrieved from…

Gillikin, J. (2017). Free trade vs. fair trade. Houston Chronicle. Retrieved from…


written summary 3 2 |

written summary 3 2  |

Provide an image from the textbook, which contains nudity, where it’s meaning could be misinterpreted without the proper context that the textbook provides.

  • Summary Requirements:
    1. Choose 1 artwork from the entire textbook
      • Provide: Artist, title, size, location of the artwork.
      • Make sure to embed the image into the body of the text.
    2. Create an alternative meaning that could be misconstrued for the artwork when viewed out of context. Be specific in your analysis of the artwork, subject matter, etc.
    3. Then, provide the correct context as described in your research.
    4. How much does context matter in interpreting an artwork’s meaning?

Please present your summary with the 1, 2, 3, 4, format as stated above. It will make for easier reading and guarantees that you are including the correct information. This is a requirement.


  1. Provide the information in the numbered format above.
  2. CITE sources, if you use them (it is not necessary to use another source other than your text book). Your submission will be scanned through for originality. I will use this data to inform your grade. If you do not cite, it will “appear” that plagiarism is taking place.
  3. Limit your Summary to one page. Exceeding WILL result in a grade drop.
  4. Must be submitted as a pdf file.


Written Work Rubric_60pt

Written Work Rubric_60pt

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWritten Communication

17.0 to >15.0 pts

Above Average

Well organized. Creative and very clear use of language and no grammatical or technical errors. Citations provided if applicable.

15.0 to >8.0 pts


Written work had organizational issues, grammatical, or technical errors. Less attention to clarity of language.

8.0 to >0 pts

Below Average

Highly unorganized written work with many grammatical and technical errors. Confusing or erroneous language.

17.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCritical Analysis

22.0 to >20.0 pts

Above Average

Written work shows a high level of contemplation and insight. Attention to key concepts associated with the related material and use of associated vocabulary and terminology. Vocabulary and terminology are used correctly as dictated in the assignment details. Citations provided if applicable.

20.0 to >8.0 pts


Written work contains less than the required amount of insight and few references to related material with some use of related vocabulary or reference to reading materials. Misuse of some of the terminology and vocabulary associated with the assignment.

8.0 to >0 pts

Below Average

Shows little to no signs of insight or understanding. Lacks attention to key concepts and no applied use of related terminology or vocabulary.

22.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFulfills RequirementsAll requirements are outlined under the specific assignment in Canvas.

21.0 to >19.0 pts

Above Average

_Completed assignment with the required format (numbered), length, file type, and image selections from required sites or chapters. Followed all directions completely. Citations provided, if applicable.

19.0 to >8.0 pts


Followed some of the directions, but did not complete the full amount of written content, and/or visual source images, including source requirements.

8.0 to >0 pts

Below Average

Did not follow the directions at all, and did not complete the full amount of written content, and/or visual source images, including source requirements.

21.0 pts

Total Points: 60.0


MGMT 6000 Evaluation of the Best Team Discussion |

MGMT 6000 Evaluation of the Best Team Discussion  |


Select the goal you posted in your Week 6 Shared Practice using the Personal Values Survey. You will use this goal to develop an action plan for achieving your goal. The interactive media presentation from this week’s Learning Resources, “Action Plan,” will provide you with more clarification regarding how to develop objectives, milestones, and time lines to achieve your goal.

To prepare for this Shared Practice, use the “Action Plan Worksheet” provided at the end of the interactive media piece Action Plan from your Learning Resources. Your post for the Shared Practice should be in the range of 3–5 coherent paragraphs and should cohesively present your action plan to achieve your goal.

Use the “Action Plan Worksheet” from the interactive media piece to:

  • Draft your goal and state a reasonable time line to meet your goal;
  • Specify at least two objectives which will help you reach the goal;
  • Identify at least two measurable milestones you will need to complete to meet your objective; and
  • Determine a time line to ensure that progress on individual milestones can be measured. (Hint: As you determine the time line to meet the individual milestones, it may be necessary to reconsider the time line you established for the greater goal.)

When you have completed the “Action Plan Worksheet,” you are ready to draft your goal in paragraph form for your Shared Practice. Your post for the Shared Practice will likely be in the range of 3–5 paragraphs.


Disaster Supply Chain: Performing rehab to the existing cache of material |

Disaster Supply Chain: Performing rehab to the existing cache of material  |


Review Kovacs and Spens Chapter 6.

This discusses post disaster supply chains. Assume that your pre- and intra-disaster supply chain is established and now the main activities are winding down. Briefly explain the importance of either maintaining “follow on” supplies or preforming rehab to existing cache of material (pick one only). Keep in mind that you need to support both responders and population.


Drums Along the Mohawk film Discussion |

Drums Along the Mohawk film Discussion  |


This episode of The Revolution examines some of the causes of the

American Revolution, including the Stamp Act riots, the Boston Massacre,

and the Boston Tea Party. A Continental Congress convenes with some of

the rebellion’s major political players involved. Distributed by A&E

Television Networks.

  1. Posts should be at least 2-3 complete paragraphs (5-7 sentences per paragraph).
  2. Responses should demonstrate that you viewed the film, and you should reference specific evidence or examples directly from the film in your post
  3. Use proper citations when referencing any portion of the film, textbook, lecture, or primary sources in your post through a basic MLA style citation (author or title in parenthesis). Review the tutorial- “How to Avoid Plagiarism” for more information on citations.


managerial accounting test 22 4 23 4 1 |

managerial accounting test 22 4 23 4 1  |

I will provide the login details

Simple multiple choice questions and arithmetics

About 10-16 questions. Just pick the correct answers


ECO 372 Major Debates Over Macroeconomic Policy Presentation |

ECO 372 Major Debates Over Macroeconomic Policy Presentation  |

Business Finance

Purpose of Assignment

This week requires the student to address six unresolved issues in macroeconomics, each of which is central to current political debates. Students are required to use information and tools that they have accumulated in their study of the text and evaluate both sides of those issues, determine which side they can support for each issue, and defend their positions.

Assignment Steps

Select two subjects from the following list of topics and create a power point analysis: minimum 12 slides not including intro and concluding slides, please add speaker notes.

  • Active monetary and fiscal policy
  • Increased government spending to fight recessions
  • Reducing federal government’s discretionary powers
  • Zero-inflation target
  • Balanced government budget
  • Tax incentives for saving

Evaluate both the advocates’ position and the critics’ position.

Determine which position you support and defend your position.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources not including your textbook.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.