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Post a thoughtful response to at least two (2) other colleagues’ initial postings. Responses to colleagues should be supportive and helpful (examples of an acceptable comment are: “This is interesting – in my practice, we treated or resolved (diagnosis or issue) with (x, y, z meds, theory, management principle) and according to the literature…” and add supportive reference. Avoid comments such as “I agree” or “good comment.”


  • Response posts: Minimum of one (1) total reference: one (1) from peer-reviewed or course materials reference per response.

Words Limits

  • Response posts: Minimum 200 words excluding references.

Peer 1 discussion

For the purpose of this discussion, I will put myself in a role as a nursing leader after learning about different business principles and reading about how areas of financing relate to the health care system. I will then discuss three or more business principles that are needed to maintain safe, quality, patient-centered care that is fiscally sound. I will provide supportive data to discuss why these business principles play a role in my facility, why they are important in healthcare, and ultimately why they are important to me.

The first business principle I have selected from the Fisher (2008) presentation is to “decide on who you serve and focus on them intensely.” In healthcare it is important to know who your target audience or patient base is. If you know the population you are caring for, you can create programs and specialize in services that fit their needs and cut down costs by reducing areas that are underutilized. This business model is used at my current facility. I currently work for OhioHealth and it is their goal to honor the dignity and worth of each person they serve by respecting patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs to foster healing and wholeness. They believe that patients and their families deserve the best quality healthcare that is available to all (OhioHealth, 2015). This specific principle is important to health care because patients need to know that they have a healthcare system that is tailored to them and will take care of them. This is also important to me because as an employee and as a nurse I want to ensure that my patients are well taken care of and have access to the care that they need.

The second business principle I have selected from the Fisher (2008) presentation, is to “always maintain your integrity in everything you do.” Integrity itself means to be honest and have strong moral principles. This principle coincides with the previous one of not only knowing your patient base, but giving your word that you will be there for them and provide the best quality care available. It has been shown that healthcare systems who utilize and appreciate economic and business practices are more likely to enhance healthcare professionals’ career and development (Friedberg, 2016). This means that they are more likely to attract and retain highly skilled staff who can provide excellent, high quality care that they promise to provide to the population that they serve. Then through the use of word of mouth, patients recommend healthcare facilities and physicians to their families, friends and coworkers because of positive experiences and outcomes. My facility does this through the use of associate development tools that allow us to acquire higher levels of degree or certification and leadership ladders. We are also recognized as a Magnet hospital which means we provide some of the best nursing care. I think that it is an important tool for healthcare systems to keep skilled staff and increase their knowledge or promote staff to leadership positions from within.

The third business principle I have selected from the Fisher (2008) presentation is to “manage employees and incentivize them for success.” This is also tied into the previous principle of integrity. Businesses and healthcare systems must make their employees feel valued, needed and important. Healthcare and nursing in general has such a vast area of specialty that the system needs to keep staff engaged in order to keep them as employees because they always have other options for employment. As Tuckett, Winters-Chang, Bogossian & Wood (2015) state, there is disquiet stemming from operating healthcare as strictly a business where nurses are made to be a commodity and patients are known as clients. This modernized business like structure of healthcare really impacts a nurses’ perception of their workplace and for some, causes them to leave. I am currently starting to feel this way at my own organization as they become a larger corporation. The sense of feeling important as a nurse working there has decreased over the years. We have experienced less and less incentives over the years. I understand that they are there to run a business but nursing and healthcare in general has become harder and more stressful on healthcare staff and sometimes getting an incentive from your employer gives you the push to keep going and to stay.

In conclusion, after reading about business principles and finances and how they relate to healthcare it is clear that healthcare systems need to be knowledgeable about economics, business practices, productivity, and how it impacts not only their patients, but their staff as well. It is important for healthcare systems to be profitable because it allows them to pay their employees well and increase employee skills or allow them to be promoted from within. This allows these healthcare systems to provide their patients with the safest, highest quality, patient-centered care.

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Presentation: Fisher, G. (2008). The art of business: The top ten basic business principles.

Tuckett, A., Winters-Chang, P., Bogossian, F., & Wood, M. (2015). “Why nurses are leaving the profession … lack of support from managers”: What nurses from an e-cohort study said. International Journal of Nursing Practice (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), 21(4), 359–366. https://doi-org.proxy.library.ohio.edu/10.1111/ijn…

Peer 2 discussion

In today’s discussion board post I will put myself in a director of nursing role. First, I will discuss three or more business principles as mentioned in the Greg Fisher PowerPoint. Secondly, I will discuss why I have selected these business principles. Third, I will discuss if the business principles are used at my current facility. Fourth, I will discuss if those specific principles are important in health care. Lastly, I will discuss why are those specific principles important to me.

There are at least three business principles that are mentioned within Greg Fisher’s PowerPoint that is needed to maintain safe, quality, patient-centered care. One business principle that is mentioned is decide what makes you different. I have chosen this business principle because as a leader it is important to go outside what has already been done. By doing this it will help improve the company and accomplish more than has been already accomplished. A second business principle that is mentioned is manage employees. I have selected this business principle because making employees within the business a top priority and providing incentives when needed for success. It will make them feel important and wanted, which will in return make them increase the quality of care that is provided to patients. A third business principle that is mentioned is to set goals. I have selected this business principle because in order to be able to continue to have a successful business you must be able to set goals and find ways to reach them.

These business principles I feel are used throughout my facility to help maintain patient safety, improve quality of care provided and you can focus on patient-centered care. I think my practice manager and medical director do well with deciding what makes you different. I think they carry out this principle because they spend their time brainstorming ways to improve our practice and continuing to go above and beyond what was done before them in order to see the quality of care improve. I think the company I work for manages employees by offering small incentives to let you know that what you did to maintain patient safety and patient-centered care did not go unnoticed. They also keep logs of important things you did throughout the year to help with determining your yearly raise. I think my facility also set goals that they want to accomplish and work hard by having meetings with everyone involved in order to get the answer they want. Having this kind determination allows for the company to succeed. According to Tuckett, Winters-Chang, Bogossian, & Wood (2015) a lack of managerial support has led to a negative impact and caused some nurses to leave the profession.

In conclusion, I believe these business principles are important to healthcare because maintaining your employees makes them want to continue to work for the company who supports them and makes them feel wanted and important. When your employees feel wanted and important, they will continue to provide the best care they can to all individuals. According to Mason, Gardner, O’Grady, & Outlaw (2016) nurses should be leaders in helping redesign health care across the United States. Healthcare professionals will be able to maintain a safe, quality, patient-centered care. These principles are important to me because as a leader you want to continue to focus on your patients, your employees and ways to continue improving the safety and care of individuals involved.

Fisher, G. (2008, March 24). Greg Fisher. Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/GregFish/top10-basic-business-principles/17

Mason, D. J., Gardner, D. B., O’Grady, E. T., & Outlaw, F. H. (2016). Policy & politics in nursing and health care. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.

Tuckett, A., Winters-Chang, P., Bogossian, F., & Wood, M. (2015). “Why nurses are leaving the profession lack of support from managers”: What nurses from an e-cohort study said. International Journal of Nursing Practice (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), 21(4), 359–366. https://doi-org.proxy.library.ohio.edu/10.1111/ijn…



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