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I will put the prompt and the instructions. I only need regular essay with easy non complicated writing level.

Writing Task: You will write a three-four page, detailed analysis and interpretation of one advertisement of your choice. It can be from a magazine, billboard, the Internet, television (commercials are acceptable), or anywhere else you can find an ad. When choosing your ad, keep the following questions in mind, as the answer will most likely help to develop your thesis statement: Why is this ad worthy of analysis, what is the ad’s main argument and purpose, and does it reveal anything about society’s values, beliefs, and desires?

Steps to a Successful Rhetorical Analysis of Advertisements:

  • When choosing an ad, you should consider one that sparks your interest. For example, let’s say you’re really into technology—you might analyze the latest iPhone commercial or, if you love fashion, browse through fashion magazines like Elle or Lucky.
  • Take some time to examine various ads and narrow your choices down to those that have enough “meat” or substance to write a reasonable paper about.
  • Try to choose a current advertisement (within the last five years), so the essay is more relevant and significant.
  • Use description to set up the ad’s features you intend on analyzing. Keep in mind, when analyzing, you should break down a subject into its smaller parts and interpret them. For example, when analyzing an ad, you should pay attention to the colors, imagery, written-text, composition, use of appeals (logic, ethics, emotion), audience, the people involved, overall message, etc.,
  • Since your reader may not be familiar with your ad, it is crucial that you describe it using vivid details. In other words, your reader should be able to visualize the ad without being able to see it. You do not need to include the ads with your final draft.
  • Employ quotes or text from the ad to support your thesis.
  • Your paper must be driven by a thesis statement that offers a specific judgment about or interpretation of the ad. One that offers your readers an interesting insight into the ad rather than one that states the obvious. In your thesis, please avoid broad, generalized value judgments. Examples:
  • You should also incorporate some of the concepts, including quotes, etc. from the various readings/movies we will be discussing over the next few weeks (“Backpacks vs. Briefcases…,” “With These Words, I Can Sell You Anything,” “Propaganda: How Not to be Bamboozled,” “Kids Kustomers,” and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold)
  • The advertisement for Dove Soap features “real women” in their new commercials, sending a positive message.
  • Using persuasive appeals and a clever design scheme, a recent Dove Soap commercial delivers a firm message to the fashion industry and its predominantly female audience: models in magazine ads are airbrushed to the point of perfection and women should not be intimidated by media manipulation.

Which one do you think is more effective? Why?

After you have chosen your ad, I would recommend using the following questions to help you develop your thesis and main content of your paper. Clearly, your paper cannot address all of these questions, so think about which ones might work for your specific topic:

  • What is the source of the work? Who created it?
  • What is the ad’s message or main argument? How can you tell?
  • Why was the work created (its purpose)—to educate, to entertain, to inform, to shock, etc.?
  • What segment(s) of society does this advertisement address? Who is the audience? How was this ad marketed? What strategies were used to sell it?
  • What persuasive appeals (logos, pathos, ethos) does the ad use to convince the reader of its main point.
  • How are the designers making use of color, lighting, written text?
  • Is your advertisement part of a trend in society?
  • Does the ad, from your critical viewpoint, harm or help society? Is it offensive to a certain segment of society?
  • Does it portray a race, gender, or other group fairly or unfairly?
  • Is it possible the ad assists society at large in reaching some aim, like a call to action?

Requirements: The essay should:

  • Address the assignment thoughtfully, analytically, and creatively
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of one ad of your choosing, incorporating evidence from your primary sources (the ad) as well as additional readings
  • Include a clear and concise thesis statement, laying out the foundation for your essay
  • Maintain audience awareness
  • Be organized in a logical manner (each body paragraph should focus on a different analytical or rhetorical element)
  • Be nearly free of punctuation, mechanical and spelling errors
  • Be three-four pages in length, typed, double-spaced and formatted in MLA style
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